Saxophone and Shiraz Exploration Lunch at the Wonder Room

For us winter doesn’t officially start until the first glass of shiraz is poured! Join us Monday Public Holiday, 10th of June 2024, in celebrating the start of the winter season with a Shiraz Exploration Lunch paired with the smooth, mellow tones of saxophone playing. Discover our shiraz selection, with bold flavours and intense aromas, […]

Mother’s Day Celebration Lunch

Celebrate Mum in the most exquisite way possible at the Wonder Room. Join us for a heartwarming Mother’s Day Celebration Lunch to honour the remarkable mothers in our lives. We are inviting you to indulge in an abundant lunch prepared by Chef Chris Bone showcasing our garden’s bountiful produce and the McLaren Vale region. The […]

Winemaker’s Long Table Lunch – Celebrating with a day of Riesling!

You’re invited to join Dandelion Vineyards’ Winemaker’s Long Table Lunch, hosted by our Winemaker and Founder, Elena Brooks, and Chef Chris Bone.Delight in an unforgettable afternoon exploring the versatility of Riesling accompanied by delectable cuisine on Sunday, 29th of October 2023. Enjoy the views from the Wonder Room while you indulge in a sensational 5-course lunch […]

Official Opening of the Dandelion Vineyards’ Wonder Room

The Official Opening of Dandelion Vineyards’ Wonder Room happened on Friday 29th of September 2023 with the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development. Dandelion Vineyards is thrilled to announce the opening of the Wonder Room in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Visitors to the Wonder Room will be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape through the […]

Winemaker’s Long Table Lunch at Dandelion Vineyards Wonder Room🍷

Join our Winemaker and Founder Elena Brooks and Chef Chris Bone for our inaugural Winemaker’s Long Table Lunch. You are invited for an exquisite afternoon of fine wines and delectable cuisine, on Sunday, 2nd July 2023. Indulge in a sensational 5-course lunch curated by one of McLaren Vale’s distinguished chefs, Chris Bone, perfectly paired with […]

Smoked Marinara Spaghetti

This February we are featuring our Treasure Trove of McLaren Vale Grenache with a delicious Smoked Marinara Spaghetti recipe by another_food_blogger.  The Treasure Trove has been made using grapes from our gorgeous Firehawk Farm, a single biodynamically run vineyard. We’re sure you’ll love this rich and the ripe grenache served with the freshness if this pasta dish. Enjoy! Smoked […]

Salmon, Smoked Bacon & Fennel Chowder

This November, we are featuring our Honeypot of the Barossa Roussanne with a comforting Spring recipe: Salmon, Smoked Bacon & Fennel Chowder. Our Roussanne is textural, highly aromatic with honeysuckle, citrus, pineapple, gooseberry fruits and long, stretching acidity. It is both a white wine that wants to refresh but also wants to comfort. This is […]

Grilled Cauliflower Steak Pickled Onions, Sumac Yoghurt & Crispy Chickpeas

When it comes to vegetarian grilling, it’s all about creativity and bold flavors. And this Grilled Cauliflower Steak with Pickled Onions, Sumac Yoghurt & Crispy Chickpeas is a show-stopping dish that will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey. With charred and smoky cauliflower steaks, tangy pickled onions, tangy sumac yoghurt, and crunchy crispy […]

PX Chocolate Truffles

We have a delicious recipe that will satisfy even the biggest chocolate craving. A perfect post dinner treat or to share over a bottle of wine with friends.  This April we are featuring our Legacy of Australia Pedro Ximénez xxxo with a delightfully decadent PX Chocolate Truffles recipe by another_food_blogger.  Enjoy! Makes 24 Prep = 15mins Cook = […]

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