Week 2, Vintage 2020

As usual, once we have picked the first variety of vintage, the fruit seems to all be ready for harvest at once!

Monday morning in the cool autumn weather we sent out our hand picking team to harvest the Lion’s Tooth Shiraz in McLaren Vale. Just a stone’s throw from Firehawk Farm, we arrived to find our vineyard grower, Andrew Pieri busily organising bins and helping the crew. These cold nights which seem to have arrived so quickly are perfect for keeping the natural acidity high which is key in this wine, and picking early keeps those floral notes.

Being a hilly site, one part of the vineyard is ready today, whilst the other side with a different aspect, we will hold off and pick in a few more days. This is one of the aspects that gives our Lion’s Tooth its aromatic and complex characters.

One of the other key ingredients, is the co-ferment with 5% riesling skins from our Wonderland of the Eden Valley Riesling. With that in mind, this is our second pick this week, along with the Wonderland’s sister, the Enchanted Garden of the Eden Valley Riesling. Both these wines are picked and drained off skins and transferred to stainless steel tanks speedily to keep them fresh, mineral and clean. The skins from the Wonderland are then co-fermented with our McLaren Vale Shiraz to create the aromatic Lion’s Tooth Shiraz Riesling.

Head over to our website to purchase either of the current releases of Lion’s tooth of McLaren Vale Shiraz Riesling and Enchanted Garden of the Eden Valley Riesling varieties and receive a further 10% off. Remember in any dozen purchase your total savings will be nearly 30% and free shipping.

Unfortunately the 2019 Wonderland Eden Valley Riesling is already SOLD OUT, but we will be sure to let you know when the new vintage is released.

Happy Shopping

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