Official Opening of the Dandelion Vineyards’ Wonder Room

The Official Opening of Dandelion Vineyards’ Wonder Room happened on Friday 29th of September 2023 with the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Dandelion Vineyards is thrilled to announce the opening of the Wonder Room in McLaren Vale, South Australia.

Visitors to the Wonder Room will be treated to panoramic views of the surrounding landscape through the building’s extensive feature windows. The 180-degree views encompass Firehawk Farm’s vineyard, the rolling slopes of McLaren Vale, the Gulf St Vincent, and the Willunga Escarpment.

“We’ve dreamed of opening our Wonder Room ever since we started Dandelion Vineyards 15 years ago,” says Elena Brooks, Winemaker and Founder of Dandelion Vineyards. “Firehawk Farm is the perfect location for visitors to experience our vineyard, region, and taste through our award-winning wines.”

Elena and Zar Brooks’ vision for the Wonder Room was brought to life by Hank Kaas, Looka Design and Darren Jones, GT Building Group, thoughtfully repurposing the footprint of the old tractor shed to create a space that seamlessly blends rustic features, warm tones, and clean lines. With its extensive glass window façade and grand white amphitheatre-style sitting steps, the Wonder Room takes full advantage of the stunning natural landscape surrounding the vineyard. The steps are a standout feature of the Wonder Room, providing visitors with a comfortable place to sit and take in the views.

“The design takes in the natural assets of the location, and the re-use of the building highlights like none other what can be achieved through adaptive architecture,” says Elena Brooks.

With the opening, Dandelion Vineyards is also excited to announce the appointment of Chef Chris Bone to curate a selection of food offerings. Chef Bone has a passion for creating deliciously refined wine-friendly morsels highlighting the region’s produce.

“Dandelion Vineyards’ focus on single-vineyard wines and Firehawk Farm’s biodynamic certification aligns perfectly with my approach to cooking and what I look for when showcasing ingredients,” says Chris Bone. “Learning about Elena’s Bulgarian heritage and food culture has revealed a great connection between my way of thinking as a chef and the traditional techniques of growing, pickling, and preserving. I’m excited to showcase the stunning produce of Firehawk Farm and beyond, to create memorable food for the wine experiences.”

Visitors to the Wonder Room can choose from three tasting tiers, priced at $33, $66, and $99. Each tier includes a selection of five wines, that represent Dandelion Vineyards’ decades of experience.

The Wonder Room’s top-tier tasting offers visitors the opportunity to explore premium wines and rare museum releases from Dandelion Vineyards. Visitors will amuse their senses with our carefully curated premium food offering skilfully prepared by our chef.

The Wonder Room is not a restaurant, but visitors can expect some delicious food offerings to enrich their wine tasting. The team recommends allowing 75 minutes for the tasting experience.

The team looks forward to welcoming visitors.

Wish you were here… 🍷

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Dandelion Vineyards’ Wonder Room is now open!

Come and enjoy one of our sit-down tasting experiences tutored by our Wonder Room staff as you take in the breathtaking views of Firehawk Farm, McLaren Vale, the Gulf St Vincent, and the Willunga Escarpment.

We are open daily from 10am to 5pm and we suggest allocating 45 minutes for the $33 tasting experience, 75 minutes for the $66 tasting experience and 90 minutes for the $144 tasting experience.

Kindly make a reservation for the entire number of individuals in your party, as we cannot guarantee seating for guests without a booking.

We look forward to welcoming you to Dandelion Vineyards’ Wonder Room.