Lioness of McLaren Vale Shiraz a worthy contender as the South Australian Drink Of The Week.

“If you’ve ever wondered if a lioness’ roar is as big as its bit, the 2013 Lioness of McLaren Vale Shiraz from Dandelion Vineyards will reveal that it is actually quite friendly, albeit focused and busy, making it a worthy contender as the South Australian Drink Of The Week.

If that opening sounds a little scrambled it’s because this wine changes on your palate in such an interesting way.

The other thing of interest in the pronunciation of Dandelion.

Our guest for the week, Max Martin from iNform Health and Fitness Solutions, is Chilean and he pronounced it Dan-dillion. This actually has a nice ring to it, so we’ll see if the winemakers agree.

Steve began by exclaiming how this Lioness of McLaren Vale captures his experience of visiting McLaren Vale.

It took him back to when the Southern Expressway was a one-way highway because this wine felt to him like it was forcing itself through a narrow, concentrated channel on his palate.

And then, he continued, just like the waft of draft that follows the passing of cars along the expressway, so, too, is there a waft of red cherry and berries that follows the initial sip.

He also said there was an elusive trace of plum, a bit like a cheeky drivery sneaking up the expressway the wrong way.

Max Martin commented on the medium weight of this Shiraz, making it perfect for warmer months, and Nigel noted how the faint tannins were very much at the front of the palate and dissipated quickly.

All in all, this is a pleasant Sunday afternoon drive, type of wine, and you can hear the full, live tasting of Dandelion Vineyards 2013 Lioness of McLaren Vale Shiraz in episode 234 of The Adelaide Show Podcast via iTunes, your favourite podcast app, or by using the player below.”

Steve Davis The Adelaide Show 

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