Salmon, Smoked Bacon & Fennel Chowder

This November, we are featuring our Honeypot of the Barossa Roussanne with a comforting Spring recipe: Salmon, Smoked Bacon & Fennel Chowder.

Our Roussanne is textural, highly aromatic with honeysuckle, citrus, pineapple, gooseberry fruits and long, stretching acidity. It is both a white wine that wants to refresh but also wants to comfort. This is a highly food-friendly wine, which we love pairing with seafood or a creamy dish. With @anotherfoodbloggers salmon recipe, you have both.

The pairing can be perfectly enjoyed on a cool evening or a spring day.


Salmon Chowder Recipe

Serves 4ppl

Prep = 10mins Cook = 20mins


400g skinless salmon – cut into bite sized pieces approx. 2cm cubes

6 slices smoked bacon – cut into lardons

6 small kipfler potatoes – quartered

100g carrot – diced

60g celery – diced

100g fennel – thinly sliced

500ml fish stock

150ml milk

200ml heavy cream

150ml white wine

3 tbsp flour

50g butter

2 tbsp olive oil


Optional Garnish


Cracked pepper

Lemon juice

Fennel fronds

Salmon Chowder Recipe



1. Fry the bacon in oil/butter for 2 mins

2. Add vegetables & salt and cook for 5 mins

3. Stir in the flour and add the wine

Salmon Chowder Recipe

4. Add stock, milk & cream and simmer for 8-9 mins

5. Add salmon and simmer for 3-4 mins, taste and add salt as necessary

6. Serve with cracked pepper, parsley leaves, fennel fronds and a squeeze of lemon juice

Salmon Chowder Recipe

Essential Tools

  • Chef knives
  • Chopping board
  • Measuring/weighing utensils
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden spoon/spatula


  • If your chowder is too thick add a little more cream/milk to it
  • If you chowder is too thin then you can mix 1 tsp cornflour to 1 tbsp water and stir it in
  • Chowder is best eaten on day of making but will keep for 2-3 days in the fridge
  • I wouldn’t recommend freezing it as the milk/cream can separate when reheating
  • You can add any white fish, mussels, scallops or calamari to bulk up the fish content
  • If you can’t get kipfler potatoes then you can use new potatoes instead

Salmon Chowder Recipe

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