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Longitude 138°36’06”
Latitude 35°13’45”
525 Feet = 160 Metres

Lioness of McLaren Vale Shiraz 2018

Lioness of McLaren Vale is sourced from Angus and Helen Tuck's vineyard located in the subregion of Bakers Gully. Here mature Shiraz vines populate or perish, in the ironstone pebble laden clay loam, over ancient Kurrajong Formation geology, a silica cemented conglomerate most suited to grow Shiraz.

After hand picking whole bunches of our Lioness of McLaren Vale in mid-March our winemaker Elena Brooks let the whole bunches ferment together in open top fermenters with ambient yeasts and hand plunging for 12 days, before basket pressing into some new (20%) but predominately older French Oak barriques, to the mature for a further 18 months in the same oak, before bottling without fining or filtration to capture the essence of the vineyard. Although ready to drink the Lioness of McLaren Vale will also reward cellaring and decanting. 

Tasting Notes

Densely, deeply, darkly plum-black with violet light strikes.

Both rich and savoury aromatics shine through: there is the classic McLaren Vale white chocolate and cocoa fruit quality, yet then a bracing line of
pepper - black, white, and green - which also typifies properly-grown shiraz. A faint bouquet of nutmeg hints at this wine’s time in mostly older oak.

Here with have a very savoury fruit profile complimented by round, nurturing helping tannins that dry but also succour. The outlier fruit flavours ping off one another: rich plums complimenting just-ripe blackberries; wild raspberry and red currant harmonising with clove and eucalyptus. It makes for a complex and compelling mid-palate before a long and satisfying finish suggests a second glass.

Given this red wine’s combination of richness and savouriness it suits foodstuffs that have spice, earthiness, chilli heat, salt or acidity. Five Spice Quail, XO Sauce on Anything, wet-roasted Goat Leg with lemon, chilli and oregano, Duck stewed with rice wine, ginger and Sichuan Pepper.

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  • Woman Wine & Spirits Awards 2020 – Double Gold and Trophy Best McLaren Vale Wine
  • China Wine & Spirits Awards 2019 – Gold Medal
  • McLaren Vale Wine Show 2019 – Silver Medal
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