Longitude 138°56’24” East 
Latitude 34°56’11'' South 
Altitude 1722 Feet = 525 Metres


Honeypot of the Barossa Roussanne 2017

Colour - Dazzling, pristine green tinged straw edges.

Nose - Bright and lifted aromas of fresh cut pear and clingstone peach accented by citus blossom and soft floral notes.

Palate - Fresh, textural acidity is complimented with juicy Nashi pear, Honeydew melon and lemon sherbet flavours all entwined with a middle palate viscosity that makes it both refreshing, soft and juicy. Almost impossible to overchill this wine can be drunk with an amazing array of foods or just by itself. The acidity and freshness is the key to keeping all the flavour to the forefront.

Drink - Right now.  Will cellar well but is so deliciously perfect now any argument for delayed gratification is almost academic.

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