Firehawk Farm


Firehawk Farm McLaren Vale, Image @duydash

Firehawk Farm is a 60-acre property perched atop an ancient ridge overlooking McLaren Vale, the Willunga Escarpment and the Gulf of St Vincent. Firehawk is our native bird of prey that soars over our vineyards acting as scarecrows to other birds, rabbits and the like that eat ripening grapes. Below the surface there’s limestone, ironstone and the 40 acres under vine include, Grenache, Shiraz and Petite Sirah.

The vineyard is currently being converted to biodynamic. Elena spends a lot of time in the vineyard, she believes “the winemaker must be respectful of the vineyard and grapes. That’s my key. I like to call myself a lazy winemaker because if I spend a lot of time there, getting to know the vineyard and the fruit, it makes it really really easy in the winery.”

Firehawk Farm vineyard is a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. This proves our commitment to continuously improve our sustainability in the vineyard and winery through the environmental, social and economic aspects of our business. 

Plans are in the works for a cellar door at Firehawk Farm and till then you can enjoy the fruit from this vineyard through the following wines.

Faraway Tree McLaren Vale Grenache 

The Faraway Tree Grenache is Dandelion's portal to alternate reality of McLaren Vale Grenache..

This is a red wine more natural than bespoke; more born than made. Integrated and harmonious soft berry fruits launch at the first sip before an acid spike and a racing line of alcohol usher in a bugle call of tiny, swarming visibly invisible tannins. This all equates to balance.

Moonrise Kingdom McLaren Vale Shiraz Grenache Petite Sirah

Dandelion’s Moonrise Kingdom of McLaren Vale Shiraz Grenache Petite Sirah is our vibrant playground…

Complex and finely etched with each grape variety sounding a clear voice, but also contributing to the pitch-perfect, sibling-like harmony. Texture and powdery tannins take over before bright fruits lift the back palate, signifying a wine that is pert and alive.

Firehawk Farm McLaren Vale Shiraz

Our Firehawk Farm Shiraz is our finest McLaren Vale Vineyard

This moreish and big, generous red wine keeps a tight-rope balance of tension and structure thanks to the counter-pointing acidity and drying tannins. There is a lot going on in this buoyant, living, breathing and vital wine, which makes it wonderfully affable with both foodstuffs and thought. It will enjoy time in the bottle, but it wants, even more, time taken.

Treasure Trove of McLaren Vale Grenache 2019

Treasure Trove of McLaren Vale Grenache

The Dandelion Vineyards’ Treasure Trove is the McLaren Vale Grenache... 

A mouthful of the rich and the ripe grenache is combined with it’s better alter-ego: the harder greener herbs and the oft elusive tannins (some courtesy of oak) and - importantly - the well grown vineyard acidity which keeps the entire
grenache parliament in order. Without the acidity, grenache is a cartilaginous rabble. Here it is proud and upright, rather than supine. Tautness, refreshment, a giving nature; yet also fun.


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