Longitude 139°04’56” East
Latitude 34°41’53” South
Altitude 1501 Feet / 416 Metres

Enchanted Garden of the Eden Valley Riesling 2019

Our Enchanted Garden is a thriving 7 acres Eden Valley Vine Garden. Whole bunches were hand-picked in the first week of March then de-stemmed without crushing the fruit to fill our press exactly. 

Juice from the free run was fermented in a small tank between 11 and 13 degrees Celcius. The wine has a high level of natural acidity, 7.4 grams per litre, a pH of 2.92 and although bone dry, only 11% alcohol.

This 2019 Enchanted Garden of the Eden Valley Riesling was bottled directly with minimal winemaking artifact to capture the essence of the vineyard, a looking glass if you will, and is ready to drink immediately or cellar for decades. 

Tasting Notes

Alive: flashes of yellow, gold, and green. Subtle hues yet hints of brilliance.

A panoply of citrus combined with polished steel leads an aromatic charge directly to your olfactory bulb. Who needs smelling salts when you can
raise such a glass of riesling. Behind
the heightened aromaticity hides some plaintive notes of fruits tropical and exotic.

Texture and weight - or its effortless weightlessness - is the first impression. Mineral water ‘non-gas’, mineral salts, talcum, and an attenuated austerity. Yet from the mid-palate comes a roundness and richness of riesling fruit, in a tiny cluster of quantum power. Sharp and righteous acidity arrives at the back palate to sweep all before and away,
as if a tide taken at the height.

This white wine’s purity and acidity and citrus personality waits for elaborate and yet simple, honorific fish dishes. Nori roll with salmon, sashimi, the world’s simplest and freshest rice paper roll; an oyster just before the Vernal Equinox; a prawn boiled for one minute in sea water… Or alone in a glass with a view of the Sea.

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  • Sydney International Wine Competition Top 100
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