Longitude 138°58’38.10” East 
Latitude 34°29’49.29'' South 
Altitude 875 Feet = 267 Metres 


Honeypot of the Barossa Roussanne 2019

This Honeypot Roussanne was made entirely from Helen and Mark O’Brien’s remarkable vineyard. Whole bunches of hand tended and hand harvested Roussanne was picked in the cool of early morning. After gentle crushing the free run juice was fermented in a stainless steel tank and bottled a few months later under screw cap to ensure the wine is just as our vineyard produced and winemaker intended.

Luminous and bright with Roussanne’s characteristic pale golden colour, this native to the Rhone Valley maintains its accent in the Barossa, but quietly so.

Aromas of honeysuckle, lantana, guava, fresh flowers, green herbs and nuts all breeze by. The taste is long and textural, with just enough grip and just enough viscosity to help the wine marry well with a wide range of foods.

The wine’s early-morning picking and the luncheon-like alcohol of 11.5% does much to refine and elocute this honest, handsome, lady-grape. After all, it does not deny its southern French origins and so a comparison of the masculine and the feminine can not not exist.

Culture, language and wine combine in this refreshingly conversational roussanne, which “by slow prudence might make mild a rugged people…”

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  • San Francisco international Wine Competition 2019 - Gold Medal 93 Points
  • Woman Wine & Spirits Awards 2020 – Gold Medal
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