Week 5 Vintage 2020

Posted April 08, 2020

We now find ourselves heading on the downward curve of vintage, as we head into the upward curve of COVID-19.  Strange times.  As I said last week don't find yourself at a lock in with no wine!  Harry is still here packing and sending wine.  We can have your order in the post tomorrow.  We have plenty of hand santizer in the office so everything is VERY spaced out and EXTREMELY sanitary.

Usually the last of our wines to be picked, this week Rosie herself handpicked our single vineyard, iconic Red Queen of the Eden Valley Shiraz.  This year crops were significantly decreased in this vineyard, meaning it ripened earlier than usual, and Rosie was being ultra cautious individually hand picking the whole bunches so nothing was lost.  Don't miss out, there will only be small quantities!

We also picked last week our Pride of the Fleurieu Cabernet Sauvignon from our family owned vineyards.  Everyone gets involved in this pick, family and friends alike and it looks like that may be the last of any gatherings for a while...

Speaking of which, until further notice all of our events we had lined up to participate in over the next six months have been postponed or cancelled.  They are on our events page.  This is very sad news for everyone but we all need to be vigilant and do our part to not spread this terrible virus.  Remember we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of one dozen so you can still support our business by ordering online.

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