Week 3, Vintage 2020

Posted March 25, 2020

As usual, with all the movement of trucks and harvesters amongst vineyards vintage is not without its mishaps...  Not to detract from the excitement of what we have picked this week.  We were all quite excited to receive our new forklift which we have been eagerly awaiting.  As can happen the truck mistook Dani's veggie patch for the extended driveway and got bogged!  A couple of tractors were redirected from delivering fruit to extract it, and we gratefully thank Jock Harvey for supervising Matty Hatwell and his team help us out.

This week we have picked the vineyards for two of our whites, Wishing Clock of the Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc and Twilight of the Adelaide Hills Chardonnay.  These wines come from vineyards sitting side by side in the Adelaide Hills and were incredibly lucky to escape any damage from the Adelaide Bush Fires.

Head over to our website to purchase either (or both) of the current releases of Wishing Clock of Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc and Twilight of Adelaide Hills Chardonnay and receive a further 10% off.  Remember in any dozen purchase your total savings will be nearly 30% and free shipping.

Don't forget there are still a few limited packs left of our International Women's Day 6 Pack with the signed copy of Fabulous Ladies Wine Book by Jane Thomson.

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