The mystery and magic of Eden Valley Riesling

Posted November 24, 2021

Where does a regional imprint on a wine come from? In the Eden Valley, its Riesling reveals most of the secrets. The rest is simply magic.

Article Credit: InDaily

Written by Tony Love

'Call it a signature. Perhaps a hallmark, a calling card, or imprint.

When it comes to Eden Valley Riesling, one of the key indicators is a pronounced floral character in a spectrum from delicate apple blossom through to more fragrant lemon and lime flowers.

Head out to your citrus trees and smell those white blooms – you’ll pick the nuances immediately.

With Eden Valley Rieslings there are further extravagances: jasmine, lavender, bathroom salts, rose petals. It’s not a case of fanciful imaginations leading you up the garden path – these are well regarded aromatic notes recognised worldwide by grape growers, winemakers and expert tasters and judges.

They are an accepted part of the Riesling experience in many regions, along with the fruit expressions of lemons and limes, juice and zest. In Eden Valley, however, those floral notes are next level in many cases.

Why is it so?

As is often the case in this kind of discussion, speak to five winemakers and you’ll get five different answers. Together they shed light on the mystery and magic of wine’s sensual attractions...'

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