Lion's Tooth of McLaren Vale Shiraz Riesling is Wine of the Week for Jancis Robinson

Posted March 16, 2021

"Anyone who has enjoyed egg and bacon ice cream (thank you Heston Blumenthal, circa 2007) or banana and curry pizza (thank you Leeds University, circa 1997) will know how seemingly dissonant flavours can create unexpected harmony. Enter stage right Côte Rôtie, whose Syrah and (optional) Viognier combo is probably more related to pragmatism than artistry (Viognier provided generous sugar accumulation in a place where Syrah didn't always fully ripen, and there are other benefits of co-fermentation).

As for Syrah and Riesling ... well, why not? Especially when the results are as tasty as Dandelion's 2018 rendering, whose full name is 'Lion's Tooth of McLaren Vale'.....

....What you certainly do get is classic McLaren Vale Shiraz giving plenty of eager-to-please bramble fruit on the palate, with typical concentration and richness. While hefty, it seems a little less bold than their single-varietal Lionheart Shiraz from the same vintage, so perhaps that Riesling element provides something of a calming effect. I also wondered if the faint floral aroma was thanks to Riesling too, but couldn't be certain. Either way, the overall effect is eminently drinkable, with soft tannins and well-integrated, juicy acidity."

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