Blue Gold Medal & Top 100 - Sydney Top 100 International Wine Competition

Posted April 09, 2014

2013 Wonderland of the Eden Valley Riesling has made the TOP1OO an been awarded BLUE-GOLD at the Sydney Top 100 International Wine Competition.

Judges' Comments

Brett Crittenden                              
Clean and tight with herbal boiled lolly aromatics. Lovely intensity and length. Refreshes perfectly with the fishcakes.

Bryan Currie                       
Straw yellow in colour. Rich limey fruit. Textured palate. Perfectly matched the fishcake, with the acidity matching the sweet and sour.

Kym Milne MW                                
Good talc aromas. Fresh and limey Riesling nose. A lovely palate. Pure Riesling with good crisp acidity. Tight, crisp limey acidity. It needs time but a lovely wine.

Cameron Douglas MS                    
Medium plus aromatics. Citrus and apple with a touch of pear. A dry wine but quite flavourful. Strong acidity. The intensity in the wine is a good match for the spice in the food. A good match of intensity and levels of spice.

Oliver Masters                  
Dense lime marmalade on the nose. A fine gentle palate with delicate citrus acid to finish. Refreshing but a little bit dominant with the fishcake. Still a very good wine.

Iain Riggs                             
Floral. Quite good tropical lift, but the phenolics interfered slightly. Good fruit on the palate and quite a pleasant wine with the food.

Aakash Singh                     
More floral nose. This dryer Riesling shows a nice spicy bouquet.


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